Elhart Realty


In the Suralaya area, Cilegon, West Java, there is a location in the form of open land that offers interesting opportunities for cooperation. This location is strategic, adjacent to the Suralaya PLTU, and we open up opportunities for you to participate in the management of this land.

In addition to open land, we also have needs for piled up land which can be part of this collaboration. Piled up land that we own can provide added value for project development in this location, such as infrastructure development or landscaping.

We are ready to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with various parties who have visions and projects that are in line with the potential of this location. We can provide resources, knowledge and experience in efficient land management and project management.

In this collaboration, we will also pay attention to your needs and goals. Together, we can plan and realize projects that are profitable and sustainable, as well as having a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

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