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Block III

Block III

Block III land is located on Jalan Raya Narogong km 17 – base 8 kp Bakom Kec Cileungsi. This strategic and easy-to-reach location offers open land that is ready to be rented out for various business needs such as Pool Yards, Stock Yards, and Warehousing Areas.

The land has easy access to the main road and its location near the city center makes it the right choice for business people who want to expand their operational reach. In addition, with a large enough land area, tenants can easily adjust and modify the area to meet their business needs.

Block III land is also equipped with adequate facilities, such as electricity, clean water, and 24-hour security. Thus, tenants do not need to worry about infrastructure and security issues when operating in the area.

So, if you are looking for wide open and strategic land for your Pool Yard, Stock Yard or Warehousing Area needs, Block III Land on Jalan Raya Narogong km 17 – base 8 kp Bakom Kec Cileungsi is the right choice. With adequate facilities and easy access, this land can be the ideal business solution to meet your business needs.

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